Is Answerbox responsive?

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I want to buy Answerbox but was wondering if it is responsive for mobile and tablet?



You mentioned there was going to be another release of AnswerBox on 15th, wanted to know when that is going to come. Also, it will be great if you could publish the release notes for the upcoming features. Thanks !

Will add the roadmap.

Did the release come out?

I want to know too. If i buy the current version will you issue an update for the theme to the new one?

Of course, old buyers have access to new version. Upcoming version have lots of changes including UI. Just wait for the release :). And coast will be revised too (only for new buyers).

Hey Rahul, do you know about what day to expect this? Because it’s the 18th today 🙂 thanks!

any news about new release?

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