Integrating Anspress user page with my themes users (directory theme)

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How can I integrate anspress users pages stats and all that on their account page, with the profile/account page of my current theme?

Sorry did not understood. Please elaborate more.

okay, my site has other user accounts (standard) with profile photo, bio etc, plus listings as it’s a business directory listing site too. How can I get the anspress profile to merge with the existing one so all the data display on one?

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Simply add this code to your theme function.php, and replace link:

function mycustom_user_menu($menus){
	$link = 'YOUR_DIRECTORY_LINK_FUNCTION' //replace this
	$menus['my_directory'] = array( 'slug' => 'my_directory', 'title' => 'Directory details', 'link' => $link, 'order' => 4, 'show_in_menu' => false);
	return $menus;
add_filter('ap_user_menu', 'mycustom_user_menu');

Could you please clarify. I’m not a developer, my developer wants to know what the

$link = ‘YOUR_DIRECTORY_LINK_FUNCTION’ //replace this

Code is or means.

What id like to do is actually use anspress profile as my main user profile for my site, and then just add the “listings” tab to it.

Thanks man 🙂

Your directory plugin function which return link to their user profile.