How to transfer old AP profile description to BP extended field?

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Hi all!

I go on with the integration of AnsPress and BuddyPress and I just realized something. The now deprecated AnsPress user profiles were using WordPress Biographical Info and displaying it in the header under the user avatar. Lots of my users updated their info and I was wondering if there was a function that could help me to import the WordPress Biographical Info and “insert” it in a new field of BuddyPress extended profile. I don’t really need to have them in sync all the time, just want to import the data once so that users don’t have to write their bio again.

Thanks for your help,

Fred – FLQ

Hello Fred, I will share a hook to fix this.

Thanks Rahul, you’re the man! It’s not top priority though. 😉


Hello Fred,

I am not getting enough time to write the hook for you. I will be share the hook after releasing AnsPress 4.1.0. Thanks for understanding.

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No problem @Rahul, it’s not top priority and I was asking the whole AnsPress community (not only you) hoping someone might have done this before. 😉