How to remove loading in answer form?

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Hi There!

I’m creating a website for Q&A Forum. In my website, when a user tries to answer a question he has to wait for around 2-3 seconds to load that answer form. I want to have a feature which this support forum uses like when the page loads, the answer form also loads automatically.

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You can’t. Only the developer can change that and to be honest i never understood why he initialy implemented it.

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Thank you for your response!
I saw a code which loads tinyMCE using ajax. What if I removed that certain code?

The reason he implemented it is most likely because tinyMCE is a heavy bulk of JS and i think its good this way, because people may comment without the need for that at all. But when the simple text editor option would actually work it would probably make sense to have a option to just load it on pageload.