How do I point to Notifications Page?

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When logged in, I have notifications that are appearing (screenshot below)

When I click the link, the following appears (screenshot below)

Anyone know how to correct this problem?

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Hello Emmett,

This was already solved in newer version which was released released yesterday in GitHub. I will push it to today.

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Thanks Aryan. I would use GitHub for updates, but to be honest…I dont know what GitHub is.

When I update, I just go to WordPress panel and look for updates for PlugIns and Themes. I assume you will want me to do this as well?

Also, any luck on updating the Update and Register landing page?

Please give me few hours. Update will be pushed to as well once I am done with askbug update.

Hi Rahul,

I updated this morning to the newest version.

But I still have the bug. I also cleared the cache. Please advise.

I’ve updated to the latest anspress but The Notification still give me 404 page. Please help

Its working fine. I just checked in demo site. Please make sure you have latest version of AnsPress and save permalink once for flushing rewrites.