How can I redirected profile links in anspress to buddypress profile?

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How to use BuddyPress profile instead of AnsPress built in profile ?

BTW: The auto-finish drop-down menu on here is beyond frustrating!!! It will pop up and refused to go away blocking the post button. Neither ‘problem with plugin’ or ‘features’ are tags I wanted to include but I had to click something to make the menu go away.



A button in the plugin configuration would be useful for non-developers 🙂

If BuddyPress is installed AnsPress will use BP by default.

I have used your previous code 🙂 to link the AnsPress profile and buddypress profile
It was not by default !

Yep, but its updated.


Answer for your main question:

Notification popup will be fixed in upcoming version, it will be hiddden once clicked on it. Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for the quick response as always. One last question. What file do I put this snippet of code in? Thanks again for being so helpful!

In your WordPress theme function.php

works like a charm! thanks again!!