How can I combine buddypress notifications and anspress notifications

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First of all Thanks for your awesome plugin. I liked it very much.

I want to show combine notifications of buddypress and anspress. Can you please guide me How can I do this.





Combine with whom? AnsPress notification to BP or BP to AnsPress ? If you want AnsPress notification in BP then its done by default, but BP notification cannot be shown in AnsPress.

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Is it possible to combine BP to AnsPress

Its not impossible but we have not done that.

Thanks buddy

Dear @Rahul, is it still the case? Thanks

@rahularyan for me BP notifications have never worked properly. They are simply not sent out. Could you check if it’s still working as expected on the latest version of AnsPress?

@Bowe_Frankema please let me know what actually didn’t work than I may help.

@rahularyan notifications are not being triggered/sent out when an action occurs (like a new anwer on a question. I looked at the /bp.php integration class but could not figure out what the issue could be.

AnsPress send email only for specific events. Please create a new question with more detail. Make sure you have latest version of everything.