How can I change the URL in the question page ?

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I would like to know where I can change the url of one question in the question page.


Hello Max, Its cannot be edited at the moment. I will publish a fix for that.


Hello Rahul,

Something is strange, the new version 2.4.7 is released 5 days ago and I have the version 4.0, is it normal ?

I really need to edit the url if you can release a version soon it will be awesome !!


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“2.4.7 released 5 days ago” where?

In your Home Page !!!!

Confusing for people that are new here ….

Yes it is 🙂 what about the next release then ?

Oh Sorry, will fix it.

Thanks but you did not answer about the next release 🙂

The CURRENT version is 3.0.7. Pretty stable, still somethings do not work.

Anspress 4 is released via github but not on WordPress. Anspress 4 still needs a bit of work as i see it, i suggest you wait 1-2 weeks.

If you feel brave or experienced and you DON’T have a old version, maybe you could install 4 as a new installation and see how it goes.

I hope that solves your Questions.

Thanks Cagliostro,

I will wait then 2 weeks but please take into account the possibility to edit the url. Thanks for your answer.