Hook into AnsPress notification system when custom reputation_events are triggered

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We are adding a number of extra events via the function ap_register_reputation_event() – we also register event verbs via ap_register_verbs().

We would like to push notifications to the user via ap_insert_notification() about the custom events – can you please give us a few pointers how to get this to work in the prescribed way?

Thanks 🙂


Hello, You mean, how to show custom notification in user notification query?

Right – we want to use the AnsPress notification system and push our own events in – so we registered them and they seem to be happy – however, the “point” value returned is empty – so they are not being picked up. I would also like to know how we can add extra “meta” info to each reputation event / notification – such as what the person did, like how this works for posting questions / answers / comments – but I have the impression some of this is not filterable.

We need to do this this way – as we require a custom Notification system in our project, but AnsPress already has it’s own, so it makes little sense to write a new one, if we care able to connect to the system provided by AnsPress.