Homepage pagination url rewrite rule problem

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I have a custom frontpage that list custom post type (named Documents) using pagination.

I use wp_pagenavi to generate the pagination links.

It seem that there are a conflict with anspress rewrite rules and pagination on homepage. When I click on page 2 link (example.com/page/2), it automatically redirect me to homepage (example.com). But, if I manually enter “example.com/?page=2” inside URL, everything is fine.

Do you have any idea how to resolve this ?

Thank you!

Are you sure you are using latest version?

I use the version 2.4.4. You can see the bug here : http://odp.inlb.qc.ca/


Rahul states this is a problem with the wordpress core and not Anspress as my site has the same issue (nursingnotes.co.uk)

If I disable Anspress, the problem is fixed… So I think the problem is related to Anspress, not WordPress.

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