Homepage pagination url rewrite rule problem

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I have a custom frontpage that list custom post type (named Documents) using pagination.

I use wp_pagenavi to generate the pagination links.

It seem that there are a conflict with anspress rewrite rules and pagination on homepage. When I click on page 2 link (example.com/page/2), it automatically redirect me to homepage (example.com). But, if I manually enter “example.com/?page=2” inside URL, everything is fine.

Do you have any idea how to resolve this ?

Thank you!

Are you sure you are using latest version?

I use the version 2.4.4. You can see the bug here : http://odp.inlb.qc.ca/


Rahul states this is a problem with the wordpress core and not Anspress as my site has the same issue (nursingnotes.co.uk)

If I disable Anspress, the problem is fixed… So I think the problem is related to Anspress, not WordPress.


This was an old problem with Anspress. Fixed in 2.4.

Anspress was messing those permalinks.

I’ve got Anspress 4.4 and the problem still here : http://odp.inlb.qc.ca/


From your description, AnsPress should have nothing to do with it. Please start with providing URL to your website.

Is it all fixed the instant you disable AnsPress plugin?

Yes, if I disable Anspress, the problem is fixed.
Here is the URL : http://odp.inlb.qc.ca/