HELP! Icons disappear on my WordPress site

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Hi guys,

Love Anspress, but am having an issue right now that is holding up the launch of our site.
Basically, Anspress is not showing any of the icons on the forum, but is only showing a small square, as if it cannot access the icons.
For example, the folder icon for categories, the thumbs up icon, and all the other that are part of the forum, are showing as little squares.
We have the SmartTheme (OptimizePress) installed, with Elementor as a page builder.
Here is the link to the site: (the AP forum is locked for non-members -)
See the screenshot to see exactly what I mean.
I imagine there is a conflict there somewhere – can you suggest a course of action please?
Will I need to ditch Elementor?
Thanks for all your hard work guys, love the plugin and chose it over BB and BuddyPress for our site.
Bravo and look forward to hearing back from you.
Bob P

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