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Just installed Anspress, looks awesome !
How should I proceed to help translate in french (i am a french & I need correct french translations on Anspress)

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Hello all!

I’ve translated AnsPress plugin in french for the following locales: French (France), French (Belgium) and French (Canada) and I’m now translation editor for these locales on…

If you go to your WP admin in DashboardUpdatesTranslations, you will be able to update to the latest translation.

Many thanks, Rahul, for your great plugin!

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Hello Pierre, Thanks for your contributions.


Pour ma part je note des erreurs et des partie non traduite de ce plugin.
Par exemple minutes s’affiche minuteutes.

Peut on corriger cette erreur nous-même et si oui comment ?

Hi all!
Thanks Pierre for the translation. I worked quite a lot on it for a while but it became a bit annoying to have to contact someone everytime to get it approved. Good you got promoted to editor!
Je voulais juste dire que j’ai également remarqué le fameux “miniteute” deuis un bon moment et je n’ai jamais pu le trouver. Je me demandais même si cela venait de AnsPress ou pas…


Thanks for your interest in contributing to AnsPress. You can translate AnsPress from here: