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Hi, when i do a pagespeed insight, it say my font are not loading when the page loading (need to display them in swap) i did it with google fonts display swap and the only things that remain that are fonts used by anspress that are’nt loading in swap. So my question is how to set the anspress fonts to display: swap. I thank you very much! the pagespeed is :
Thank you!

The page I need help with:

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I think I have already answered your question but here it is again:

Please follow instructions on below link:

Please create a css file as instructed in link above and paste below contents:

  font-display: swap !important;
  src:url("fonts/anspress.eot?sit72p#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"),url("fonts/anspress.ttf?sit72p") format("truetype"),url("fonts/anspress.woff?sit72p") format("woff"),url("fonts/anspress.svg?sit72p#anspress") format("svg");

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