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I’ve got a developer working on my site and he is trying to add an upload file function to the Question form but it isn’t working. When adding the following code to the function.php he says that only a text field appears instead of the file upload:

function my_custom_question_field( $form ) {
// Upload field.
$form['fields']['screenshot'] = array(
'fields' => array(
'pdf' => array( // This is a unique key for field.
'label' => __( 'PDF File' ),
'desc' => __( 'Allow single PDF file upload.' ),
'type' => 'upload',
'upload_options' => array(
'multiple' => false, // Only allow single image upload.
'allowed_mimes' => array(
'pdf' => 'application/pdf', // This will allow uploading of PDF file.
return $form;
add_filter( 'ap_question_form_fields', 'my_custom_question_field' );

Any ideas what the problem could be? Another issue is that when ‘Allow image upload’ is checked in the settings, the image upload isn’t visible in the form either. Could these issues be related?

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Hello, I also received an email from you but wasn’t able to respond to it due to lack of time. I will answer you tomorrow with an example.

Thanks, Rahul!


Hi Rahul,
Thanks for the code. My developer has come back with this:
‘Whenever I add any code for extra field functionality it generates one text filed ‘AnsPress Input Field’. It does not belong to the code and has different label code.
Everytime it say text filed. no upload field displays and the label is also not changing.
I found where it is comes form ‘/lib/form/class-input.php’
when i give this function subtype => ‘file’
not working
I have attached 3 screenshots. I tried with the newest code you provided but no luck.’

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Please share snippet of your custom field.

Hi Rahul. I have shared the snippet below. Thanks for your help

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