Feature Request for Anspress Profile Customization with other membership profiles

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Anspress has so much potential to be the ultimate q&a+membership plugin, I chose to go all-in with Askbug theme for my site.


I guess this may be a feature request.  This is not a same request as those asking about membership user role integrations (although i’m patiently waiting for this too on official release).  This request is slightly different.

It would be great for those that are already using membership profile from “UserPro” or “UltimateMember” to be able to create their own customized profile by adding portions of the anspress profile sections using shortcodes for following profile sections.

Stats , Reputation, Votes, Top Answers, New Questions

This would allow users to customize which “sections” they want showing on profile pages.

Also, shortcodes for just the stripped down raw number counts for:

Rep. , Answers, Questions, Followers, Following


would the shortcode available in the coming release?

Its already added to RC version.


As specific page output using page attribute in shortcode is already added in roadmap, so you can show a specific AnsPress page using:

[anspress page="user/questions"]

So this will solve your problem.

would that only work on anspress pages? or any other pages, CPTs?

It will work everywhere 🙂

Does this work in version 2.4.4? I tried putting the shortcode on a page but it returns “Error 404”.

I will check.

What did you find out Rahul?