Fatal error happen if replace the version 4.1.7 with 4.1.8 on github

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Hello Rahul,


Here is my test with 4.1.8.


1#In multisite, I assign a sub site as buddyrpess root(or main) site, and then networkly activated buddypress. and then activated Anspress 4.1.7.


2#delete the anspress version 4.1.7, and then activated the version 4.1.8 from https://github.com/anspress/anspress/ , fatal error will happen.



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Hi Alex, Please share error message as well.

Hi Rahul,

This make me embrassed:)

When I deactivated all of plugins and activated one by one to check whether any plugin conflict with it, it works this time, and I even did not find errors….

So, temporally just ignore it. sorry for that.


Hello Rahul,

Fatal error happen, please check the screenshot:


here is the test process:

1. delete anspress 4.1.7, and then upload 4.18
2. activated it, it will show that fatal error
3. activation failed.

You can test it at http://anspress.lovcour.com with the super administrator account that I send you today. I send email to your account: support at rahularyan dot com, is that right?



Hello Guys,

Thanks for reporting and finding the source of issue. I just made a commit to fix it.

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fixed, great!


I found an error



on this lines old code, that works before updated addons structure.

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Hello Siamion,

Thanks, and I tried by deleting version 4.1.8, and installed 4.1.7, yes, I can activated 4.1.7, and then deactivated all of add-ons including reputations.

and delete 4.1.7, and install 4.1.8 , the error will still produce once activated: http://prntscr.com/iyuynr

FYI, I test it in mulisites, and Buddypress is networkly activated.

There is no issue if anspress is activated in the subsite which is Buddypress root site.
there is that issue if anspress is activated in other subsite.