Error produce when Syntax Highlighter activated

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Hello Rahul,


Please check the screenshot:



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Thanks for reporting, I will check.

Hello Alex,
have you tried this with latest version from GitHub?

Yes, I just tried the latest version from github

1. there is same issue with Syntax Highlighter
2. once Syntax Highlighter is disabled, there will be no response when I click “Enable Addon” on all of these add-on.
3. both categories and tags page will be rename in buddypress site, but it is ok in other subsite.



Hello Alex,

Just made a commit to GH, I think you issue will be solved now. Please try and let me know.

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Hi Rahul,

This time, I can enable or disable all of addons.
but the issue is same, also, there will be error message show up when push every “option” of addons.

Do you use skype? get me in touch. My id id nerdaryan