Email notification for comments not working

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Whenever a comment is posted on an answer, the email notifications which should be sent to the user is not been sent anymore.

Can anyone please suggest how can I get this resolved?


Please install WP Mail Logging plugin first and check if mail is being logged then let me know.

I installed the WP Mail Logging plugin to check if mail is being logged. But whenever a comment is posted mail is not being logged in the WP Mail Logging plugin. Is there a fix to get it working?

Email does get sent when admin comments on an answer but for all other user comment email is not being sent.

Whenever a user posts comment on questions or answers their comment gets lost after few second and is not visible any more. Also users don’t get any email notification for comments on their question or answer.

I am sure its spam checker plugin. Try disable them.

Thanks Rahul! Yes indeed! All the comments were getting marked as spam. Thanks for the help!