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I’m having trouble getting rid of the double title. I have copied a template page from my theme with right sidebar and named it Questions.

How do I fix the double title showing on my page?


For some unknown reasons I am unable to solve this “Double title” error. Relevant info is –
1. Theme – twenty tweleve (since I didn’t want to mess with the original theme, so now i am using same theme after copy-pasting under another name, but I have tried with original one too.)
2. Current Template for the base page is – Front page template
3. base page id is 30.

I have tried with – page-30.php containing the code mentioned at
first I tried with keeping the file in theme directory, when it didn’t work, then tried with keeping the same file in page-template of theme, and then by changing the template of the base page. But no luck 🙁

Just remove the_title() from file

I just removed the the_title() and it’s working fine.. but bad thing is that,for twenty-twelve theme the_title() is located into content-page.php, therefore no page title is displayed for pages other than anspress. 🙁


That worked. Thanks for the brilliant tech support!


Its not working. I can’t post code here so I posted on


Yes for that you have to edit the page template and simply remove title.
For some reason I need to show title from anspress page template.

So simply create a page template for anspress and do not add title there.

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