Double Time Stamps in Last Activity of Questions’ List

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I downloaded latest version (as of today), from github.
I noticed that if someone replies to a question, there is duplication of Time Stamp in Questions List. This bug is present on your site (open-wp) too.
Check the line below question title in Questions List. It says something like –
“Rahul Aryan answered about 4 days ago 4 days ago”



Ok. Thanks. One more thing, I was trying to set this question’s label as ‘Bug’, but it always returned “Unable to set labels”…Don’t know why?

What is the user role ?

It’s working on my localhost, I was talking about the same question in which this conversation is on-going. And obviously I asked the question, so I should be Author and also be able to set/change labels of this question

The screenshot link (since I can’t upload here) for Label error –

This issue has been solved. please check

I just checked it.. yes it’s been solved.. thanks.

Although it would be better, if instead of display only question and answer in Last activity, it would also able to display if any Comment was posted as last activity (e.g. this question’s last activity says you replied 2 weeks ago.. there was no way to know if there is any other activity happened here after that….. because of which i checked your comment a day… despite i check this forum daily),
and clicking on the word “commented/answered” in Last activity could directly navigate to that answer/comment.

its already done, just get latest files from github 🙂

k.. thank you.. my reply was based on observation of this site’s question list.. i will check github too..
one more question.. have you not updated that to your this site.. as i still see the double time-stamp on this question (check yourself below the title of this question).. screenshot link –