Does it work with Polylang?

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Im am testing the plugin on my website using polylang multilanguage module, and it is creating trouble with the permalink configuration.

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It was fully compatible with PolyLang. But I have not re-tested in these years. Please explain what issues you are facing now.

The problem is that there is a url structure in PolyLang that changes the wordpress basic url structure according to language codes.

Anspress plugin change url structure to “/en/”,”/de/” etc. It organizes the code of the plugin according to the url attachments. The problem here is that even if the page has URL tags, it doesn’t show what the default language is. Example yield If “/en/” is the default language suffix, Polylang fixes it to “/” if the default language is the main site. Anspress still outputs it as “/en/”. It links to all content in this way, but since Polylang defaults to “/en/” as the main language, Anspress does not detect it because it shows it without this suffix, but still gives its links as “/en/”. WordPress system shows default language without “/en/” suffix, but “/en/” code remains in anspress codes. With a simple HTACCESS redirect, I solved the problem with a 301 redirect, but I would be very grateful if you could fix it radically. By the way, thank you very much for your service. You are an incredible person.

(I think there is a setting in polylang, in case you want to show the default link without attachment, the conflict originates from there)


RewriteRule ^tr/soru-cevap/(.*)$ /soru-cevap/$1 [R=301,NE,L]

I’ve sent a couple of images about where it’s causing problems with the Polylang plugin. Thanks.