Demo Data for Askbug theme

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I have just bought the Askbug theme and I am playing with it. Is it possible to get the demo data so I can play with a “full theme”. Thank you in advance and best regards.



I have just bought Askbug Theme and I would like to import demo data file xml into my test website.

Plese advise



Please read below answer by @rahul.


You can find demo data link in AskBug Documents in demo data section.

Hello again,

I am almost ready. But I would like to replicate exactly the same home page as you have in the demo. How can I put the Site Stats just below the header entry “Got lots of questions?”.

If I put the widget “(Answer Box) Site Stats” in the sidebar AP Before, the layout of the widget is totally different.

Another question: Can I remove the Header Entry and create a home page using the Divi Builder? How can I achieve this? Best regards

Simply import widget setting as suggested in documents. demo widget data link included in documents.