Delete submission and comment-form opening get stuck …

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I discovered this plugin a few time ago, and I am not able to figure out what is going wrong with both actions: delete and the comment-form opening, what reduces a bit the potential of use of it while it really looks so great in use.
The request is send but then nothing happens, comment form do not open and questions or answers are not deleted.
Do you have any ideas of what is going on?


Ok I have figured it out. In fact, comments were already allowed on the shortcode page, the troubles came from a .js file (jquery.min.js) which I really needed for other purposes…
I upgraded the jquery file with lastest version and now it almost works…
All troubles with anspress are solved but now .png files get darker than before!??..

png get darker ? weird :S. may be due to jquery canvas plugin


comment wont open becouse you disabled it from wordpress
if you wanted to dsable it
make it allow in the anspress shortcode page
delete work only for the asker and the admin