Default rank ~ why Array? And why Array x 2?

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I have noticed that this has been so for quite a while now.

So, why Array?

And why Array x 2?


This is because accidentally an array has been assigned to the output.ย This happens quite often,
oh the joy of debugging. ๐Ÿ˜€ Great catch!

To help Rahul:

Look at `anspress_opt[default_rank]` within options-page.php, and thereafter the [’options’] array.
This is caused by a `get_terms()` function which asks for a `rank` term, which has never been assigned. So it outputs a WP_ERROR, which is evidently consisting of two arrays ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m unsure if it relies on an external plugin to interact with this term, but that could be the cause it’s overlooked.

For now, it won’t do anything and it won’t break anything either. So you can leave it be and happily save the options without worry :). If I were you, I would leave the selection to the default empty value though, just to be sure! This way, even if something were to interact with it, it won’t break :).

I will remove that option as it is not being used anymore. Thanks.