Custom Fields made, where is my data stored? and how to retrieve it?

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hello, i made 2 custom fields and added it to the ask form using the following:

 * Add custom fields to AnsPress question form.
 * This hook will add two new fields in ask form.
 * @param array $form Form arguments.
 * @return void
function my_custom_question_field( $form ) {
 // City Field
 $form['fields']['City'] = array(
   'label'   => __( 'City' ),
   'desc'    => __( 'Enter name of your city.' ),
   'subtype' => 'text', // Default type is set to input.
   'attr'    => array(
  'placeholder' => 'Example: Jaipur, Pune, etc.',
    // City Field
 $form['fields']['Ph.Number'] = array(
  'label'   => __( 'Phone Number' ),
  'desc'    => __( 'Enter Your mobile/Whatsapp number' ),
  'subtype' => 'tel', // Default type is set to input.
  'attr'    => array(
    'placeholder' => 'Phone Number',
 return $form;
     add_filter( 'ap_question_form_fields', 'my_custom_question_field' );

now, i want to know where this data is stored, and how can i show this to the backend for my client, cheers!

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hello, so adding the code snippet from github is okay, can you please share one line of code to save a text field and update it in post meta?

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