Conflict Between WC Email Verification and AnsPress

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Today while trying to install AnsPress I noticed an uncommon issue when I try to comment an answer. This seems to be related someway with WC Email Verification ( what is a bit weird considering that both plugins have different objetives.
Steps to Reproduce
1- Is necessary that both plugins are installed in same website, this will require also that woocommerce installed.
2- Go to any question and click in “write your answer”. After click and the editor being loaded click on add a comment. The form for comment will not be loaded and a message will appear in the website:

<# if(typeof buttons !== 'undefined'){ #><# _.each(buttons, function(btn){ #>AP="{{BTN.CB}}" APQUERY="{{BTN.QUERY}}"<# } #>>{{BTN.LABEL}}<# }); #><# } #>

This issue only happen if you click first in the answer field area and after click in add a comment. If you click in add a comment before click and load the answer editor this issue will not happens.

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