Comments box doesn’t show up

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Hi, this is most likely theme conflict. Clicking comment link doesn’t do anything. In Chrome console, it says:

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: (0)(…)         anspress_site.min.js?ver=2.3.8:1

The site is on dev server, that’s why I marked this as private for now. Here’s a link:

Would really appreciate help.

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Which plugins you are using? like cache?


Here as I said earlier comment wrapper is missing in your template may be due to override. compare between default and yours:

Are you using default wordpress comments for question/answer comments? If so, it may be possible that “Disable comments” plugin I’m using to disable default WP comments might be disabling Anspress comments. I’ll test it.

Thanks, looks like that’s exactly what it was. Using “Disable Comments” plugin on all pages, disables necessary code for comments to work on questions pages since it uses the base page template. Thanks.


what i’m trying to do is to hide the comment by default and show it once users click on it. Should i open a new question thread now or continue this one?


@viktor and @Rahul, I’m having this comment issue, which I clicked on the comment link and nothing happened. I switched to theme twenty fifteen and disable any comment plugins, but still no luck. How can I fix it? Thanks,

Give us link to your site