Change default header?

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How can I change the default header of the anspress user profiles? Thanks


create a new folder called anspress inside your active theme directory. and now copy this file


to newly created folder.

You must keep the same directory path, like this copied file must exist like this:


Now you can modify this file as per your needs.

For overriding css, copy




And add your own CSS styles.

awesome thanks. But what is the code for default header? Id like it to be my company logo

Oh you want to change cover. simply override wp-content\plugins\anspress-question-answer\theme\default\images\cover.jpg and small_cover.jpg


You can override each and every file in AnsPress theme, simply read the documentations.

thanks for the heads up. I’ve looked now and cant seem to find how to do that.

Yes thanks, I’ve already done that and applied css to some things. But No idea how to change the default header… I’m not really a coder so..

show me the screenshot of what actually you are to change, then I will provide step by step tutorial.