Category dropdown not showing

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On my website ( the category and tags dropdown is not showing.

Is it possible to change text, for example “catogorie” on the same page (

Is it possible to add the “ask a question” form to every other page on the website?

Is it possible to add a category page to every other page on the website?



I think there is not any category added (category don’t have any question) by you so category dropdown is empty.

Yes, you can changes texts using WP translation. For adding ask form to other pages use our ask form widget.

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Thanks for your answer. The first two points are solved. The third one not really.

The widget is useful, but it lacks a lot of information.

Is it possible to show this ( and this ( content on any other page without losing information and in the same layout? It would really make the plugin very valuable for me.

Thanks in advance!