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Hi Team,
Thanks for the great plugin, awesome.
Question I have, is it possible to have category by role?
By allowing to specify what roles have rights (as per role editor) to one or more categories we can use that to restrict people view answers and questions within that category.

  1. setup different roles in wordpress, for example Customer, HelpDeskOperator etc.
  2. setup categories in AnsPress, for example CustomersOnly, FreeForAll, HelpDeskOperators, etc.
  3. When logged in as Customer, the user can see all answers and questions in the categories CustomersOnly and FreeForAll
  4. If NOT logged in, you can only see FreeForAll questions and answers.
  5. If logged in as HelpDeskOperator you can see all questions and answers for CustomersOnly, FreeForAll and HelpDeskOperators etc.

Basically in the Role Editor we could have an option to select the categories to which the role as access, this together with all the role options in there already would be very very powerfull.
It will also alow for integration with Paid Membership Pro this way, as you can have that plugin create roles for membership levels….
Not sure if this option is available in AnsPress already.. if not it would be a nice addition..

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Thanks Rahul.
Today 16 November is there something I have to go or click to get that premium add-on?
Thanks again.

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