Cannot activate AnsPress on WordPress 4.5.2

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I have WordPress 4.5.2 running with Salient Theme 7.0.8 theme installed and only Contact form 7 plugin installed. I installed AnsPress Version 2.4.8 and I can’t activate it. I get the famous error of “Are you sure you want to do this”

I tired deactivating all the other plugins and activate only AnsPress.

I did install DW question and answer plugin and then uninstall it before installing Anspress.
Now each time I try to activate AnsPress it fails and then creates a “Questions” page (Which is a page that’s usually created by the DW plugin.)

How do I fix this? Please help.


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This error usually occurs when WordPress checks for Nonce in an admin url and the check fails. Nonce are unique keys or numbers which can be generated by a theme, plugin, or a core WordPress file for verification purposes. Nonces add a security layer to protect WordPress URLs, forms, and ajax calls from abuse.  ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ error usually appears when nonce verification fails and the most likely candidates to cause this error are plugins and themes not using nonce properly

Switch to the default theme with all plugins disabled.

I don’t see how Anspress could be related to this warning.

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