Can you make tags NOT mandatory

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I have made “minimum no of tags”=0 which suggests the user doesn;t need to add any tags, but it still gives error “This field is required”


Rahul, it  just doesn’t work no matter what i write. I use all your latest versions at github.


You need to update tags extension as well

Oh, i missed that today’s update. Works now, thanks


Now tags extension will not check tags count if minimum tag is set to zero. Push has been made to Github repo for AnsPress and tags extension.


I think the “field is required” is because you need to have PRESELECTED added tags. The poster can’t write his own tag.

I am sorry – I don’t understand. I have checked all the Options and can’t find PRESELECTED

I mean the admin must add himself some tags and the user must use only those.

Since 2.1 user can enter whatever tag they want.