Can I recover my views? All counters were resetted to 0 views by updating database.

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After we discovered that all questions/answers were gone on our website, we went to the admin in WP. WP said the Anspress database was not updated, with a button to update manually. So I did and all questions/answers reappeared, but all views were resetted to 0. Is there a way to recover these stats also? Thanks in advance!

Pleas check if wp_ap_views have rows?

Not even one I’m afraid…neither from history nor after the database update.
There are apmeta_type columns with ‘post_view’ values in wp_ap_meta. Has that anything to do with it?

Yes count of views table rows are stored in post meta for performance. One last thing, can you please show me screenshot of of wp_ap_meta table?


Hi, the same thing happened to me! All counters were resetted! How can I restore it or just disable the views counter?

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