Can I pay you do get this issues resolved?

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  1. Fix Avatar not showing and showing ‘false’ bug.
  2. Disable comment some formatting removal, I like comments to have be able to have links and newlines/paragraphs in it. I like them to have a text editor with buttons for html tags like on the forums or when you moderate comments in the admin panel. Maybe introduce a feature what tags are allowed like for WordPress comments. A filter to control would be enough for me though.(I guess there is not one, not looked at the code). I like the idea of slimming down comments but not even have the ability to link something and have paragraphs for my needs as I use Anspress as a support forum.
  3. Fix text editor not working for question editor.
  4. Fix the need to the Advanced WPLink Plugin and its setting to disable inline link functionality for anspress link functionality to work.
  5. Show ‘How to Ask’ and ‘How to Answer’ tabs to users by defaults but not to admins and moderators.
  6. Option to not make comments collapse by default, below on answers only, for Admin only.
  7. Fix: When I post commets or answers the loading symbol shows but then times out and I have to manually refresh the page. The comments are generally submitted but the ajax submit thing get stuck sometimes. And my server and connection are pretty fast.

In this priority.

I am happy to pay for this but I want a specific date, no rush at all if you say “We have it ready in 6 Month for ??? Dollars/Euros” or something. Thats fine but you must have it ready by then. I do not want something like Rahul did here on 2 issues I reported that there will be a “patch tomorrow”!! and then nothing happens. For now 3+ weeks or something?

Excuse my rudeness here before but this guy giving me the “get a life” after I educated him that he is using this forum wrong was not very nice either.

I made the switch from Q2A to Anspress for various reasons, among then are that the main dev does not work on it anymore and apart from using the WP user DB its not very integrated, I like AnsPress more and will keep it, I hope it will be maintained and I hope I get a more satisfying experience when my concerns get addressed.

I am not simply paying for priority support as I really do not know if this includes something like this after what happened I like to have a contract where I just pay a fixed amount to get this pre defined list of issues fixed and new features added. I hope we can work something out.


Hello Nico,

I apologize for the response by our contributor. Actually he is very helpful guy and respond to community members in need.

I request you to kindly ignore if you did not liked any thing in his words.

I am already working on new version which will release in October and some issues you have reported are already in my task list. I will check other issues and include them as well.

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So what are you saying, a patch coming with some of the fixed, that awesome. Can we still talk about other things in my list and how I can pay you to do them?

No need to pay as its already included in task list. Except link issue all will be fixed. Thanks for reporting.