Bug: Following does not work

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Looks like following does not work. If I try to follow user, it says it was successful. But if I refresh the page, no followers added or counted. If I try to follow category, question, tag I get error message “last action failed”.

I’m not using AskBug theme. This is the same site as Yoast SEO plugin question, you have login details to this.


Its because you have not updated plugin as per general procedure, instead you you just replaced the file. For fixing this just deactivate and re-activate AnsPress and our activation hook will trigger and add required tables (which got added in 2.4).

I used wordpress updater, I did not update plugin manually. I deactivated/activated the plugin, and it following seems to be working now but follower/following pages still show nothing although follower count increased.

I did not received your last email, send again.

I did same , follow / unfollow fixed but following issue persisted:
1. active-feed and notifications doesn’t work
2. dates are not translated into Persian anymore and just shows in christian date. ( how should someone update ap.po ? where do you keep it’s sources ( I have updated plugin and it bring all new things even removed my translations. )

I have updated to the newest version and still these 2 issue persisted.

Help us by showing your error log