[BUG] Base page slug before question permalink not working

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I didn’t like the directory structure created by the use of “Base page slug before question permalink” [on] …


so I switched it off, because I wanted to see …


But even after re-saving my permalinks a couple of times it still makes no difference.

How do I get rid of the “Base page slug before question permalink”?


Still doesn’t save the de-selection of “Base page slug before question permalink”.¬†

Questions/ question in the url is just one more thing that looks unprofessional and probably hinders SEO.

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(really makes no sense that i won’t know I’m following this post for my record until an update in activity..)

Will wait for the wp update since deleting overrides my background upload.


Good news is that, its possible in upcoming version. You can set individual page of each AnsPress page. It was in 2.4 task list but we shifted it to 2.4.x

I have never trusted the letter “x”. It always got me into trouble in the past.


I don’t really think you can get rid of the “Questions” part in sub pages.

Really? Bummer. It looks naff.