Bug: All images become full width in Anspress 4.0.0

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Whenever I insert an image through the “Insert images and attach media by selecting them” and resize the image to the the size I want, after the question is posted, the image becomes full width within its div instead of the size I selected.

Now i get what you say and it is true.

But i don’t think this is a bug, since in my 100% responsive theme, the photo gets 100% but shows perfectly well (and resizes when i change my browser widht/hight). I see no reason why i should resize it.

Am i missing something ? Why you need to resize ?

I explained more in the answer below!



I have made a commit to fix this issue.


Well, in the question editor, I resize the image like it can be seen below, so that it is displayed small and next to the text.

But when I post the question in anspress 4.0.0, the image is full width like it can be seen here:

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Well, i don’t think this is a bug.

Seems a bug to me. I will fix it.

What about that?? for me it’s not fixed yet