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Hi all!

Since 4.0 and the BuddyPress addon, I’m trying to integrate BP even further with AnsPress. I managed to customize the text on BP activity stream, so that it pulls the title of the question like for regular posts.

I replace:

Fred asked a new question 2 months ago


Fred asked a new question: How to override BP? 2 months ago


The filter for achieving this is already working, so if you like the idea (@rahul?), I can push it to Github to be included in core.

If the team/Rahul prefers that the activity item stays the way it is, then I would like to know how to override buddypress.php because I can’t seem to find it in the templates folder as per instructed on this page. Is there a way to override this file?

Good week to you all!

Hello Fred, Sure, feel free to send a pull request. I will check and merge to core. Thanks a lot. Which buddypress.php file you are talking about? I don’t think there is any buddypress.php file in templates? Lemme know.


Hi @Rahul!

Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t get a notification. I was quite busy anyway. I just started working on this again but I’m a bit stuck on the way to commit everything in a pull request. My customization is working great by:

  1. Modifying Anspress/addons/free/buddypress.php. I just change this to this.
  2. Then adding to bp-custom.php a filter for [Question] and [Answer] to replace it with the post title (see here for the filter).

Everything is working as intended but bp-custom.php is of course not part of AnsPress and is different for every website. When I try to insert my filter in Anspress/addons/free/buddypress.php, I get a blank page.

Any advice on how to be able to insert my filter in buddypress.php so that it works?



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Hello, There must be some error logged in logfile. Please share log file with me.

Thanks for your quick reply Rahul! I found the error with debug mode and even though I didn’t understand everything it felt like my filter was called in the middle of something. I just put it at the end of buddypress.php and it’s working! It makes sense actually since you are including BuddyPress hooks and files at the end and I’m using a BP hook. ^^; I’ll check on how to make the new strings translatable and I’ll make a pull request. 😀

Ah! Looks like it’s already translatable! ^^;

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