Assigning vote count issue

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I manually up voted specific question and discovered that you cannot down vote a question while in WordPress edit screen. Both “+” and “-” buttons will only up vote.

The down vote does work however on the front end view.

Does anyone else have this issue?  I am moving copy of site to dev environment for testing. Will check plugins, theme, etc. and update further.

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I have deactivated all plugins and activated WordPress Twenty Seventeen – this issue seems to related to the plugin files.


Hello Matt,
Issue is fixed. Thanks for reporting.

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Thank you Rahul.


Hello Matt,

I have added this to my roadmap. Keep an eye on issue here:

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For me, both up vote and down vote does not work on fresh installed subsite of wordpress.

I really think it’s due to your cache. As you have mentioned earlier you were using redis. Please try in a server which does not have any type of caching enabled (best will be localhost). Then let me know.