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Bought Askbug theme earlier today, and it’s going good so far.


There’s an issue in user profile update section (Both Basic & Account Tab)

1) When I try to update information such as first, last name and password, while the information does update, the loading spinner is stuck and constantly spinning until i navigate away from the page.

2) On registration, using TML as per instructions.  However, I want to add password fields to registration.  However, the social login icons are positioned below username & e-mail BUT above password fields.  How can i move the password fields to stay above the social login icons?


Profile ajax response has been fixed download from


Thank you.

Its because ajax response returned something other then JSON, may be a php error. You can check ajax response by in browser console. Or if you are not familiar with console send us site link and temporary access to [email protected]. We will check and let you know.

Try this in TML:

I also get the loading spinner issue is also on this anspress site as well.

I will check and update you soon.