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Ok, I am a complete newbie so I hope my question is not to remedial for you.

I have the AnsPress plugin working and can see questions, however I don’t see how to add the shortcode for the ask page (I think I deleted it). I can go to my and the form is still there and everything works, but I dont have any ask button on my basepage or anywhere else except if I direct link to the basepage/ask.

Is there a page I deleted with the ask shortcode to make the ask button appear on the questions base page again?


Would still like a shortcode.


(answered it in comment first @rahularyan, but your QA installation thinks I’m a spammer and comment was awaiting moderation; could you whitelist me or something, if I’d want to spam, I’d use question and answer forms where there is no spam checks anyway)


It works. Just have to apply some styling.


Wow, that was a crazy fast response, Thank you!

I noticed this in another post, however, I do not have the option available to me, its greyed out.

You haven’t created any menu, create a menu first then you’ll be able to add links.

Thanks. I did that, created the menu, which helps navigate to the ask page, but the “ask” button on the questions page is still missing.


Add it from menu

I couldnt figure out how to upload a image in the comments, so I posted an answer so you I could show you…even though its not an answer.