Answers left through admin don’t show up in user stats, but show up for admin stats

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Here’s an issue I noticed. If I leave an answer in the frontend logged in as user, it shows up in profile stats. But, if I’m logged in as admin and enter answer in WP admin (selecting user from author dropdown) that answer is not counted for the¬†user¬†selected but it does count that answer for the admin that left the answer. I hope that makes sense.

Can you see if you can replicate this bug? Here’s how.

Simply add an answer to another question in the backend WP admin and from the author dropdown select me. Publish answer and then check my profile to see if the answer shows up there, then check your own stats and you’ll see you have 1 extra answer but no actual answer associated.

Here’s an example, where only 1 answer shows up but I’ve marked 2 answers as best… for 2 separate questions.

But if you look at admin profile, you’ll see it has one answer and it shouldn’t:


This has been solved.

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Thanks! When do you think new version will be pushed to WP repo?

Having this issue with the latest version. Answers added in admin don’t show on the front but in the back.