Answering is not working anymore

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Answering questions is no longer working for our installation.  Answering no longer works for logged in user or anonymous user.  I am using latest version v4.0.5.  This started happening a few days ago and I am unsure why.  Seems like this plugin is very finicky and sensitive.  Please help asap.

Rahul, you have credential to our installation already. is our domain


Ok, I removed MixPanel tracking code (we were not using this).  Looks like Data Tables by Supsystic is conflicting with AnsPress.  I deactivated that plugin and now it works.  But we need to use that plugin.

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Please consult with the plugin author. This has nothing to do with AnsPress.


Hello James,

Please don’t blame AnsPress for every single issue. It may be due to new plugin you have installed or customization you have made.

So far, I see this issue all over your site:

Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list at (index):156 

and is caused by MixPanel.

Also another syntax issue while trying to answer:

Uncaught ReferenceError: DataTablesPromoPointers is not defined

And both issues have nothing to do with AnsPress. Please check responsible plugin or JS file.