answer error

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hi admin. please help me out with this issue. when a user tries to answer a question it shows the following error message:

Error found in fields, please check and re-submit

Found bad words in field Description. Remove them and try again.

but everything is find with posting no bad word format. waiting for your promt reply. thanks

Do you have defined any bad words in AnsPress option?

no, i don’t know about that. have not set any. but were can i checked that?

i have done everything right. if i post it shows same problem like the one i stated below. please help me out admin. i can give you my wordpress details so that you can help me set it because i need it badly.


Please try creating a new text file in your active theme folder with name: badwords.txt

You can see more details about this functionality here: Validate::get_bad_words()