Anspress theme breaks on latest wordpress

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Anspress theme breaks with the latest version of wordpress and anspress plugin.
I am┬ánot able to post answers which contain a code. It simply doesn’t show up.
The popup to insert code is also shrunk in size. No error in seen in browser console.
Please register a user on, post a question and try replying to that question by inserting code and see what happens

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Please update to 4.1.14

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where to get Anspress theme 4.1.14 ?

Please point me to the right link which gives me the latest update. I can’t find it on the website. Also, I don’t see any updates on wordpress for the theme.

I have updated Anspress 4.1.14 with latest theme version. Still unable to insert code. Please help me

Hello Fang, Please email me at [email protected]

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