Anspress Plugin Not able to submit question & answer & comment from front end

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we are using Anspress Plugin from last 8 months, its working fine but suddenly am Not able to submit question & answer & comment from front end.from wp-admin its working.its very critical issue.please help me.

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In page its calling

var ajaxurl = “”,ap_nonce = “293e5053f6”,apTemplateUrl = “”;apQuestionID = “5617”;aplang = {“loading”:”Loading..”,”sending”:”Sending request”,”file_size_error”:”File size is bigger than 0 MB”,”attached_max”:”You have already attached maximum numbers of allowed attachments”,”commented”:”commented”,”comment”:”Comment”,”cancel”:”Cancel”,”update”:”Update”,”your_comment”:”Write your comment…”,”notifications”:”Notifications”,”mark_all_seen”:”Mark all as seen”,”search”:”Search”,”no_permission_comments”:”Sorry, you don’t have permission to read comments.”};disable_q_suggestion = “”;

why this ajax is calling


I uninstalled current version(like customized) plugin, i installled version 4.1.12 but still am not able to submit question ,answer &  comments..please help me,its very critical issue for us..

Thanks in advance.

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Please check your active theme and remove any AnsPress override.


Hello Chitra,
It seems you have completely modified Ask form that’s the reason it was not work. Please restore original form and everything will be normal.
Kind regards

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I deactivated current plugin & installed complete new plugin,then also am facing same issue.. actually we added latest bootstrap & some js files for graph, afrer anspress plugin is stopped working.Before it was working fine.

Newly i installed Insert PHP plugin,i uninstalled this also.but still form submission (Add & Edit) not working


Have you recently installed any plugin? Please try to disable that. Or if that does not solve send me temporary access to [email protected]

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we not installed any plugin, but we updated some UI changes to our website.i will send you access soon.