Anspress displays questions from LMS

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I had almost 3,000 multiple choice questions on my LMS before I installed Anspress. When I installed Anspress I noticed it was displaying the almost 3,000 questions from my LMS as Anspress questions.

What do I do to resolve this?

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Thanks for your reply. That simply means Anspress is not for me or anyone using Sensei LMS.
Time to try other Q & A plugins.

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I will try to make question and answer slug editable.

Okay. Thanks in advance

Hello Rahul,

I checked and saw that a new update is available for the plugin. Please I’d like to know if you have made the fix you said you’d make about the custom post type “question” used by both Anspress and Sensei LMS. I installed the plugin again and checked but the problem still persists.



This is due to same custom post type name “question”. Both plugins are using same cpt. This cannot be fixed from our site as we cannot change post type.

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