AnsPress adding menu link ar not working

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Unable to add any of these anspress customized link pages to the menu,  I tried to create one  i.e Ask question, I copied the link when I click Ask Question from ANSPRESS_TITLE link.  V2.2 when I Select any of the page and add it Click Add to menu it doesn’t responding.


There may be some JS issue or 3rd party plugin issue. You can add this menu manually too using custom links in menu editor, just use below links:

for base page:          http://ANSPRESS_PAGE_URL_BASE
for categories:         http://ANSPRESS_PAGE_URL_CATEGORIES
for users:              http://ANSPRESS_PAGE_URL_USERS
for user menu:          http://ANSPRESS_PAGE_URL_PROFILE
For user notification:  http://ANSPRESS_PAGE_URL_NOTIFICATION

This system not working on 2.3, I try to add PROFILE & Notification the same, but it showing me 404.