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Is it possible to add one field “email” when Anonymous try to ask question? Or how I can send notifications about answers to Anonymous?

Thank you!


ready funcionality?
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I think this is a great idea. We have a client who’s wanting to create a forum where her users can ask “Dear Abbey” type of questions. These usually involve information that’s private, or uncomfortable for the women (those dealing with breast cancer or sickness, etc). It would be nice if they could have the option of:

  1. Posting a question anonymously without having to go through the hassle of registering. (Of course they wouldn’t get an email notification, but that’s okay)
  2. Posting a question as anonymous but being registered so they are emailed the answer, activity, etc.

Again, it would be nice if the user could choose which they wanted. Thanks for a great plugin. We’re using another one right now, but if users could choose to post anonymously with your plugin we’d switch and buy it immediately.

Have a great weekend and keep up the great work.

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Option one already exists in AnsPress and we are working on option two. BTW: AnsPress is free and open source, please try it. 🙂


Hey! what happened in the end with this feature? I would like to allow anonymous to post using their email and get email notifications when I reply to them with an answer, the same than in the WordPress comments.

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don’t you realize that this is an absurd request ? Notifications to an email that hasn’t been verified ?

The same way they work with the WordPress comments. I don’t find it absurd.

Comments can be moderated. Not the same with notifications. Apparently you know little about WP and running a WP site. Using your logic, i can freely add your email for notices without you wanting/knowing it.

Anonymoys/everything is a dangerous thing. Why be anonymoys ?

Because registering is a pain in the ass. In this site, for example, it failed the registration with google plus. Then I had to start again and do a normal registration, but it didn’t work because the previous email had been already been taken in the Google plus attempt. Tried to log in with Google plus and failed, then again to register with a new email…

Most users would have closed the site by the first problem.

I strongly agree with @Cagliostro as if a user want to ask as anonymous then why they should share their email? If they share email why they they shouldn’t register?
But I am thinking to implement a good functionality as seen on quora. User can turn themselves as an anonymous user if they don’t want to reveal their details. This functionality will be available in 3.0.0

Just to clarify, I am not saying that the email field is a mandatory one, but it could be optional. So if they want to fill it up, they can get notifications of answers in their questions.


Are you all kidding, right ?

If you are anonymous, you don’t want to give your email. If you want to give your email, you register.

Registering is hard. It involves passwords, confirmations etc. Being able to just throw your info in and press “post” is a good thing.
This info obviously can’t be trusted (and AnsPress must not use it to send notifications), but it may be useful.

Although I don’t see why this should be in core. This is, like you said, some non-default non-obvious functionality.
It is already made easy to save non-default info into WordPress database with
$question_array = apply_filters( ‘ap_pre_insert_question’, $question_array );
$post_id = wp_insert_post( $question_array );

One who wants non-default behavior just adds new field on frontend, use this filter to save it. Done.

Is like the Guest posting on Disqus. You don’t need to register, but must enter a name and a e-mail, can be a fake one, but it have the mail field

I need the functionality like wordpress’s default comments system. no registration needed, just put your name and email and answer


I also need this feature. Is it available now? Thanks 🙂


Yes this is possible, I will add this feature.

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Thank you! 🙂

If possible, please add another field for “Name” while answering anonymously. Thanks 🙂

Hi, where o can enable this option?